Friday, August 18, 2017

'When Life Happened' by Jewel E. Ann, a Book Review

This novel is interesting. Part of my brain is such a brat, ready to write off Jewel E. Ann's novel as entirely predictable and not engaging, just walking me through a dirty, forbidden romance between a scorned woman and someone else's husband, but Parker, the scorned woman, is youthful, fun, deep, and most importantly, changed by the experiences in this book. She opens her mind when someone she'd judged tells her their story. It's a little refreshing. Parker and I don't have similar lives or hobbies or attitudes, but we're both open to growing and building enjoyable lives for ourselves.

Wanna know more? Cllllllllllllick.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

About This Dream I Had

I could only remember a dream I had during an hour-long nap late in the morning. It involved my meeting up with some nameless, faceless friends in a building with a homey feel where the owner's pets wandered freely and guests could pet them all they wanted. One was a friendly designer mutt - a 'doodle of some kind, be it Labra- or golden- and I kept petting it, but there was also a bird. 

What I found online in regards to the bird was the following:

Sunday, August 6, 2017

About This Dream I Had

All I remember is the phone and my reaction to it.
On Tuesday, August 1st, I was suddenly in a bare room with a group of girls and a red landline phone that I decided was like a hotline for other people to call me and me alone for help. A man named Herman was hoping to speak to me, and I wasn't "creeped out" like I would be in real life, but instead felt an overall strong desire to avoid the phone, to avoid the callers.

Monday, June 26, 2017

About This Dream I Had

I woke up this morning and tried to recall what I could of the dream I had in the wee hours before waking.

It was an eventful dream because I was in an active game, like a child, play-fighting in a store...possibly a grocery store. My opponent and I chased each other around in the aisles, and I last remember running into the back room and climbing atop shelving full of merchandise, sitting there, my opponent not far behind, ready to throw fake punches back and forth. It was nuts.

Part of why it was nuts...

was my sparring partner:

Today's Thoughts on My Spiritual Universe

So maybe I'm experiencing more of the Law of Attraction that I otherwise believed.

I'm normally (rather but not entirely) dismissive of the concept, but today...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

-Dirty Dancing- 2017

Ooooookay, at five-something pm on May 24, 2017, my friend Sasha and I watched the new ABC rendition of Dirty Dancing. I wrote the following in real time and in present tense.

Kathy Griffin Photo Controversy

I'm not surprised that Kathy Griffin just lost her New Year's Eve contract with CNN, because that sort of thing is to be anticipated following something like her most recent photo shoot with Tyler Shields that included Griffin holding what appeared to be the head of (*tries not to vomit*) P-Pres- no - Mr. Donald Trump. Part of me thinks that having the photo exist, but especially, for it to be public, is a bad thing, disrespectful to the office of President, and that same part of me worries about the message that the image sends to other countries, especially people with a strong anti-American attitude. 
Another part of me...well...
Remember when "Duck Dynasty"'s Uncle Sy was recorded spouting his racism?